Frequently asked questions

How do I get to know the prices of Ciello products?

Each job is unique and the number of variables include the substrate either the tile or glass and the quantity required. As a guide start from USD**

What's so Unique about Ciello Products.

Nearly all our products are virtually handmade and require technical and artisan skill in the production process.

How do I order your products?

Typically the client would send us a brief which will include the area, type of surface, delivery dates and designs involved.Ciello will analyze these and in-consultation with the client will provide an initial concept in inductive price.

Do you charge for designing consultancy?

Yes we do, but in most cases any design charges are reduced from the final bill.

How long will it take to receive my order if I buy Ciello products.

Typically depending on the size of the project, 2 to 3 weeks.

What's the guarantee/ life span of the print on the tile.

Once the tile is printed it is then sent through a kill and fired at over 800 degrees, involving a 5 hour plus firing cycle. This ensures that the print gets embedded into the tile and therefore will last a minimum of 10 years both indoors and outdoors.

Will I be able to get a sample to check the quality of the tile and print before placing an order?

Yes we always provide a sample to final approval prior to the main production.

Will you provide installation for the surfaces/tiles?

We normally only provide design and supply services and however depending on the nature-size of the project we will recommend and supervise the project.

How do I make payments to ciello, what type of payments does ciello accept?

Usually bank transfer or cheque payment.

What type of maintenance and cleaning is involved for ciello designer surfaces/tiles?

No special requirement , mainly water with a light cleaning material that you would apply for a normal tile.

Do you provide a replacement if the print on the tile wears off?

Yes we do, we provide a 5 year replacement warranty.

What are the tile sizes available from Ciello?

8'' X 8'', 8'' X 16'', 1' X 1', 2' X 1', 2' X 2', 4' X 2' and 6' X 3'

Does Ciello provide delivery/Logistics free of charge